All Natural, No Added Sugar, 100% Raw Nepalese Honey

NAAGIKO HONEY, a private honey company is located in
Silinge, (Makwanpur) with central office at Thapathali, (Kathmandu).
“Naagiko” means “hamro” (our) in Chepang Language. Naagiko Honey
represents Chepang Community and beekeepers from there,
who have been producing high quality honey.

Cutting-edge Features

The company has involvement of 60 rural farmers.

Multi Uses honey

Different ways to use honey and the amazing health benefits.


Our company is dedicated to providing pure organic honey and building the community through sustainable and scalable model, which includes innovative livelihood initiatives. The company has involvement of 60 rural farmers who are directly selling their honey through this company. Coming from an indigenous background, these communities are influenced by rhino poaching. However, these farmers for their lively hood are indulge in farming and bee harvesting. Our farmers harvest honey in the Silinge mountain located in Makwanpur (Nepal) where the bees feast on an abundance of Chiuri (Indian Butter) flowers. The focus of the company is to deliver the high quality honey produced and refined.


Chuiri Honey

We bring you Naagiko Chiuri Honey which has fine granulation, pleasant taste and sweet aroma. In sub-Himalayan region there are many microclimate specific plants, which produce enormous quantity of nectar for bees, like Chuiri. The presence of higher amount of glucose oxidase- the enzyme responsible for its antibiotic activity has scientifically proved its medicinal value.

Rudhilo Honey

Rudhilo is a popular medicinal plant found throughout Nepal. With its trace minerals, enzymes and vitamins, it is known to boost immune systems, cure coughs and influenza and improve skin complexion and vitality.

Ginger Infused Honey

Inspired by our traditional Nepali techniques, we have come up with Ginger Infused Honey. Use of local ginger in our mixed blossom honey is effective in relieving inflammation and pain, reducing cholesterol levels and stabilizing the body’s sugar levels, too. These factors help with overall cardiovascular health and diabetes wellness.

Garlic Infused Honey

Garlic and honey are both high in antioxidant compounds, thus slowing down aging process. These healthy chemicals help to balance your immune system and prevent illness. It also protects your brain from common diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Ginger- Lemon Infused Honey

To give you warm, zippy and devilishly taste, we infused our mixed blossom honey with lemon and ginger. It gives your immune system a gentle boost with this naturally soothing, anti-inflammatory. It also helps to aid in digestion, improve the appearance of your skin, and help you get back to feeling your best quickly.


Naagiko Honey was started after realizing the abundance of opportunity seen in the Chepang community in bee harvesting sector and having an intention of engaging the farmers in bee harvesting in a sustainable and scalable model. With our continuous effort and dedication, we have been able to help our Chepang farmers scale up their hives and production. Every purchase of the honey jar will directly benefit the farmer.


We are happy to help you.


Prasuti Griha Marga. Thapathali